Saturday, 6 August 2011

Who am I?


So yeah i think it's safe to say i've always had an interest in blogging it's so cool and i dont know what made me decide to blog but here i am blogging (maybe it was Dina Toki-O) :D

BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG (sorry just need to get it out my system)

I am yet undecided of what i'll be blogging about so maybe we can figure this out together, OMG could i get more cheesy :?

So let me give you the low-down on MOI (self-centred much)

My name is Asha Shiekh I’m a 16 year old student from the city Londinium or London (so naff)
In my short time on earth so far I’ve learnt that you should take nothing for granted and life is shorter than once thought so i live just to live. "The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.” Paris Hilton# DID I ERMMM JUST QUOTE PARIS HILTON? *Cringe* yes i did she may not be a role model but the blondes got a point so if your gonna go out dont just go out make a statement and if you’re making a statement make it BOLD BABY!

Im a weirdo like a mega weirdo - i mentioned this why? LOL no idea!

I ask a lot of questions but i guess i already know the answer, no, no? Another question, oh Ash

I actually dont know what else to say so if you guys have any questions fire away and I PROMISE to have an answer (nothing dumb) :D

So for now Peace, fairies and rainbows


  1. Cool :) your funnily weird!

  2. LOOOOOOOl ..cant wait for your next post :)

  3. ha ha ha ur soooo funi!loliage.follow back? ^-^